In Reference to December

December 11, 2015

I’ve been away.

working at a place that sells pizza in a style of Detroit.

My most important photos that I posted from last year from an end-of-year bit had my girlfriend within it alongside my family members in several events…. that should be remembered.

The post was about whether or not

I should try to remember the majority of my year by the year’s end or

try and forget it.


This year’s been sooooooooo


sick dough.


Job App

May 21, 2015

Applications, Process, Cover Letters, Resumes, Logos, Interviews, Skills

All. Over. The Place.

We brought him in a UHaul to Ottawa Ontario in early May.
Built him, set him up…. Painted him all over the place.

Great day & special thanks to Manifesto TO, the National Arts Centre and the entire crew to helped with merchandise and documentation.

Wait, I did documentation… & this video.

Boxman Squad!

Nedo & Flips

Enjoy ya’ll.

2014 I hardly knew ye

January 5, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.49.44 AM

Had a great year… I will graduate in the Spring.

Moved in with my girlfriend.
Got my first tattoo.
Changed jobs into something more beneficial and healthier for my mind.

Found all my lost socks.

Took on two murals in December.

Cooked more than before.

Wrote a small shitty book.

My cousin got married!

Went to Jamaica.

Bought a giant winter jacket.

and more.

2014 was quite the time… but now it is almost as if I should just keep going and forget about the bad parts. The fights, getting my car towed, losing money, bikes being stolen. A lot of negative occurred but maybe that’s what I am supposed to go for….

I am supposed to move on and become more. Maybe forget?

Maybe forget.



A graphic designer and I are putting our heads together for a joint effort. Something with categories instead of the posting situation over here.

Animation, culinary arts, film, photog, type, temptations, film, architecture. That sort of salad.

w o n d e r


AXweavesilk2 AXweavesilk

The Aussie X – Outreach

January 7, 2014

hand it ova


Tried something digital with a program on mac called Hexels. Fun results trying to visualize a concept. Happy new year too.

In collaboration with the OCADU’s Health and Wellness Centre two students in separate faculties helped organize an event on Tuesday December 2 to promote a stress free, healthy environment for the student body.

We went shopping primarily in Kensington Market early on Tuesday to prepare for a two hour event in which we tried to organize aspects such as funny videos, comfortable furniture, visual media for wandering or informed students to use temporarily during the tough week of finals at OCAD.

We knew this week would be tough but what we didn’t prepare for what the amount of food we inevitably needed to carry BACK to school.


the beginning of the fruit

too much!

Fruit by the Foot

Kensington Market was so bright and enjoyable in the morning around noon.


The Space and the recipes

The Space and the recipes



Free Fruit Smoothies

Anthony pouring a fruit smoothie for students.


Sophie and Daniela blending up a storm.

Smoothie 1 was a simpler recipe combining strawberries, vanilla yogurt, Ice, OJ, and bananas.

Smoothie 2: Raspberries, Blueberries, POM juice, Ice, Honey, Strawberries ( while they lasted )

Smoothie 3: Kale, Blueberries, grapes, honey, Lemon juice, OJ, Ice, and maybe something else can’t remember.

Ultimately, 3’s recipe was the most popular behind #1. Everyone was content that the event was even taking place during this time of year. Most had simply seen around campus the word FREE and travelled into a room with a montage of comedians, babies laughing, animals and deflated Barney floats. The atmosphere was carefully thought out between Daniela and myself to relax the student and let them take a load off for even a few minutes.

We interacted with students from faculties in both Art and Design. My ceramics prof, Robin, who frankly deserves a break above all other studio professors I have had – came to grab a tasty smoothie half way through the day.

Overall a great effort, and if we do this sort of thing again perhaps we could name the recipes, stock up in a measurably quantity, provide different videos on the projector, and market our event earlier so that the students can anticipate such an event. I think we purchased 200 cups and used over 150+ of them. Pretty good for a first time thing!

With the help of our coordinator Andrea Yip and my sister Sophie Morgan who is an Environmental Design student we ran the show for a positive two hours of a beautiful Tuesday afternoon.

Daniela Bratu is in Environmental Design in Second year and I, Anthony Morgan,  am in Industrial Design Fourth year hoping to graduate next year, 2014.

Can’t wait to do this again. Thanks to all who helped and enjoyed our effort.
Happy Exams!

Self Portrait 09′

September 11, 2013

Self Portrait 09'

Ryerson new media abuse

Old News

September 6, 2013

Old News

graphic novel styling – my work, upcoming.